About Us

Two Guys Talkin’ is a podcast of, well – just Two guys who love talking and thinking about Fresno!

Craig Scharton and Paul Swearengin aren’t just any two guys, however. They’re two guys who love Fresno and want an open-minded discussion about the challenges and shortcomings of our community. And they do it in a way that is fun, interesting and challenging.

“Two Guys Talkin'” isn’t your grandfather’s talk radio. Craig and Paul will not just talk about issues from their unique and insightful perspective. They will argue their ideas and be willing to listen to those who have different ideas, as well – all without the screaming and partisan viewpoints you might hear everywhere else. Craig Scharton has looked at the challenges of revitalization from every angle: as a Fresno City Council Member, a property owner, a nonprofit CEO, a city department head, a pub owner and a resident. Paul Swearengin is a longtime Fresno talk show host, pastor, leader of a regional business networking group and is the husband of former Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin.

Paul and Craig believe Fresno is on the cusp of a major transformation and know that it’s important Fresno stay the course of change that is underway – and the message of their podcast will be a call to everyone who will listen to believe it as well. You can be a part of this transforming Podcast discussion, along with Paul and Craig, by supporting this effort to call for understanding, learning, discussion and laughing together.

If you believe in our work we would love for you to support our podcast!

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