Creativity in Fresno; We Talk with Bryan Harvey and Roque Rodriguez

Bryan Harley and Roque Rodriguez are the two of the leaders in the local video arts scene. Bryan is the Executive Director of CMAC. Roque does creative videos for local Duncan Enterprises. Together they are the creative geniuses behind SwedeFest, DumbDrum and Cross Streets. If you don’t know what these things are then we’re here to enlighten you on some of the coolest stuff in the Central Valley. If you do know what these things are, then we are totally pandering to you.

Paul and Craig had a great time talking with these two local visionaries and lighthearted souls. We know that you’ll learn and laugh along with us. Please enjoy, share, like, subscribe and tell others. Thanks to our Title Sponsor Terry’s House ! Go to their page to learn more about Terry’s House and to make a donation to this fantastic local resource.

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