#011 – Two Guys Flowing with Famous, Part 1

This week our Two Guys are “standing on the shoulders of titans” as they visit with the original podcast of Fresno – “Flowing with Famous.” Flowing with Famous was started in 2004 and discusses “stuff like Fresno culture, music, media, biking, beer, politics and whatever else is on the minds of Fresnans.” Our Two Guys, Craig Scharton and Paul Swearengin have fun with current “Flowing” hosts Joshua Teehee and Michael Seay. What’s the best pizza in town?  And if the Grizzlies were to rename the team, what would a good name be. Have fun discussing some of Fresno’s entertainment and entertainment history with the originals of Fresno Podcasting as the Two Guys are Flowing with Famous!  By the way, the show was so good, we made two of them. This is part one.

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