#009 – Jamin Brazil Talks Opportunity and Potential in Fresno

It’s a classic story – local boy starts business, fails, trips up and after a long road of pitfalls and hard work, local boy because an “overnight success.”  Jamin Brazil is just such a story in Fresno. Jamin shares his view of how hard work meeting opportunity can allow something amazing to happen – even in Fresno. Jamin is an entrepreneur, podcaster, speaker and amazingly hopeful Fresnan who sees great potential all around us.

Jamin started a company called Decipher and later sold that company and now is an entrepreneur and believer in Central California. Hear Jamin share about the challenges he sees in Fresno and the stories of how his failures led to the perseverance to get to success.  And he shares how the rest of us can do the same.

Don’t miss this great podcast recorded on January 14, 2019 in the Two Guys Talkin’ Fresno studio.  Thanks to Terry’s House for serving as our title sponsor! Like, Share and Comment on your social media or on the Facebook page of Paul or Craig.