#004 – Nader Assemi Has a New Building in Fresno!

Nader Assemi is Broker/Owner at Assemi Real Estate. He wants to do big things that are beautiful, useful and make money in Fresno development. His refurbishing of the Peerless building is his latest project, renovating the former home of Peerless Pumps. What are the challenges of such a renovation and turning it into a profitable venture and what can other businesses downtown do to make the experience of our city even better? Nader also talks with Craig Scharton and Paul Swearengin about his life experience of being a Muslim kid at Memorial High School and more on his view of what it will take for Fresno to be great! Don’t miss Episode #004 of Two Guys Talkin’ Fresno!  Also, join our community on our Patreon site and hear our podcasts before anyone else. And make sure and comment on this page or on our Two Guys Facebook page. Thanks to Terry’s House for being our Title Supporter. Go check out their website and see how you can help those with families members in Community Regional Medical Center.